Off to Hawaii!

I’m off to Hawaii for 10 days, kind of a honeymoon before the actual wedding (hey, it’s when we have time!) It should be a great deal of fun, though I’m kind of nervous about making all the connections tomorrow (starting at 5:45am and we get there 16ish hours later… fun).

Not really much else to say here. I hope you all (or rather, whoever actually reads this site… ie, no one) have a wonderful New Years, and hopefully I’ll post pictures and such of the trip when I get back!

Pre-Trip Ramblings

It is the week before Mickey and I fly to Hawaii. I’m really looking forward to it, both because I get to see her and because, well, it’s HAWAII! Love that place. Kicks my ass. Should be interesting to go there during the winter instead of June like I did last time (it will be Mickey’s first trip to Hawaii, I hope she digs it).
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At a One-Act Reading

Play: The Final 45 Minutes of the World at a Coffee Shop

Strange throwback at the moment. I decided to go visit Haehnel, drop off the book I picked up for him while I was in Chicago.

It’s so STRANGE being back here. I got here a few minutes before school ended, and I caught the tail end of theatre arts. In observation: actors are actors, through and through, no matter what age, or how good they actually are. Or maybe it’s just that I’m out of this circle of people (actors… high schoolers). Either way, a lot of what they say I can’t even make out. It is gibberish, spoken quickly and mumbled, slurred. And then they get up on the stage and are suddenly in “stage mode”, everything enunciated carefully.
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Stuff, UBERCON, and Stuff

It’s been a very exciting month. I’ve been working on my schoolwork, which is a course on 3d modelling and computer graphics. It’s slow going, and relatively difficult (especially since I’m learning it on my own), but a great deal of fun. I also spent two weeks with my fiance (as I already mentioned), which was a mixture of good (spending time with Mickey is ALWAYS good) and bad (no real net connection for me… made it hard to get some things accomplished that I needed/wanted to do). I wouldn’t trade the time for anything, though.

Also this month, a lot of things started coming to a head for UberCon.
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