One Hundred Fifty and 0/100

So, this is my 150th post. I suppose now would be a good time to go back through my previous entries and see where I was, where I am now, and how the hell I got here, but really I’d rather not right now. I’m a long-winded fucker, and that’s a hell of a lot of writing to read. Maybe later, when I’m feeling more nostalgic/philosophic.

I’m currently sitting in my living room, on the futon, with my legs up on the coffee table. The patio door is open with the screen in place, letting the air circulate through the house because it’s been exceptionally nice out. I can hear birds outside, and I’ve plugged my iPod into my stereo, playing through my uber-compilation (475 of my favorite songs, no duplicates, set to random). It has largely been a good day, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m feeling vaguely sour right now.
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Maintain the Site

Back in late December, I completely gutted the site and redesigned it. Entries have been renumbered and links have been changed, and really the whole structure of the site has changed.

Of course, I never finished certain parts, including ones that I linked on the main page, like my credits page, and my articles section. I had a links page, but it was out-dated and didn’t fit with the site redesign.

I’ve fixed all that.
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The Intensity of an Unfettered Soul

I will be the first to admit, I have always been a prideful man. I am proud of my family, my friends, the capabilities and potentials they have, the things they’ve done, who they are. There are far worse things to be prideful about, but nevertheless it is just as bad as any other thing to be proud of: it creates the illusion of merit based acceptance, instead of accepting purely for the sake of acceptance.

I visited my grandmother today, a woman whom has done more in her life than most. She raised five children, traveled the globe, embroiled herself in community projects, and otherwise occupied herself with always something. She is extremely intelligent, with a degree from Radcliffe; if one were to try to think of an example to sum up the type of person she is, I would recall that she gave my father permission to marry my mother because he managed to beat her at Scrabble. She could do the New York Times crossword puzzle in under an hour (and would do so, regularly).

She is now 90, half paralyzed, and bed-ridden. Her mental facilities (in particular her short term memory) have eroded because of this, and I am simultaneously furious and upset to see her like this.
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Today, Squam

Today, we collected a bunch of people (Uri, Eli, Pia, Dave, Margot, Ann, Adam, and myself, plus the babies, Addison and Leah) and went for a day trip over to Squam.

It fucking ROCKED. Even got a chance to go kayaking around Great Island, as my aunt and uncle happened to swing by and let us into the boathouse and gave us the go-ahead on using their boats.

I’ll write about it more later, as I’m pretty tired right now.

Dartmouth, Revisited

So, just a quick post because I’m hanging out at Collis once more, after six months. It has finally become warm (currently 73 degrees and cloudy with the potential of thunderstorms), and I have been missing the particular mood and atmosphere that occurs when hanging out in Hanover.

Residency went well, and I’m looking forward to really diving into drawing every day (I’m due for a drawing today, and will get to it, but haven’t yet). It feels good to be back in the area, though I have been missing Mickey desperately. I got to see all sorts of folks last night, including getting to meet Eli’s friend Pia, whom is still hanging out with us (which is fine, as she’s cool), and is currently drawing across the table from me. Uri is on one side of me, Eli is on the other, and we’re all not really talking all that much. In other words, it’s another day in Hanover.
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I’m currently back east in Vermont, attending my one-week-every-six-months residency for school, and it has been an interesting experience thus far.

First off: I did not finish my prior semester. I came very close, and could have taken an extension, but I opted to instead just start a fresh new semester instead (since either way you look at it, either would push my graduation from April 2005 to October 2005). I’m feeling pretty good about that, especially since I should be able to reapply some of the work I did last semester and thus still get credit for it after a fashion. I was kind of dreading coming back for the residency, because (and this is, in fact, how I’ve been describing it), I haven’t been feeling very smurfy about it. It was NOT a smurfy semester.

It hasn’t been very smurfy for a lot of people, apparently. A considerable number either didn’t finish, barely finished, or are taking a leave or extension. The residency has had a very odd (and in some ways creepy) vibe so far (I’m four days in, and I’ll get to why I haven’t written up to now in a second). That said, I’ve had a chance to socialize and even make some new friends, and that feels really good after being a bit of a shut-in for the past six months.
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First: I’m an Uncle (again)! Nikhil Tiger Sacks was born March 31, 2004, and is doing well (as is his mom). Congratulations, and I can’t wait to meet him :).

I’m not quite sure where this post will take me. I’m mostly posting because I’ve had requests to update so the prior post is no longer so prominently displayed. What exactly I’ll be posting, I’m not entirely sure. Hence the post, “Explorations”.

It’s not that I have nothing to say. I have a LOT to say, about a great many things. Enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having, getting to spend time with my wife, adventures with UberCon, money woes (if I don’t get a job in the next month or two, we’ll have to move when our lease is up, and if it doesn’t pay very well, then we may have to move anyway), and looking forward to seeing my friends on my impending trip back east for school.

That’s just the things that are immediately pressing on my mind. There’s much more to say. The sad part is that I don’t really want to talk about any of it in any amount of depth.
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