I recently got clued into a new system being developed by the folks over at Mozilla called Ubiquity. The short of it is that they’re trying to create a method to allow the web to function more seamlessly using natural language. Ubiquity in Depth explains a bit more about the logic and reasoning and path forward for the tool. Should be very interesting to see where it goes.

War on Photography

War on Photography is quite possibly one of the most enraging sites I’ve read in a good long while. It documents reports of photographers being harassed for no reason by police, security guards, and even random passersby. If you’re remotely interested in photography or first amendment rights (or, heaven forfend, both), it’s a quick way to raise your blood pressure about 30 points.

Many Glad Tidings!

Just wanted to wish my friends Dan and Moonrise happy tidings on this, their wedding day! (It was a fantastic wedding, good times had by all.)

Also wanted to wish Jessica a happy happy birthday in about 3 minutes. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Too Much Clutter

It may be a fruitless endeavor, but I’m trying to think about how to better organize my life. I have a lot of (often) disparate interests — keeping track of them has proven to be cumbersome and problematic, not withstanding my current living situation itself being chaotic.

I’d like to make a concerted effort to improve my organization and workflow, so that I might actually post, and more importantly, create. And do so in the places appropriate to the subject — this single-site consolidation I’ve done may have been a mistake. Well, just as a heads up, I may be incommunicado for a little bit longer, while I figure out what the hell I’m doing.

Where is Nabil?

Way out in the water, see me swimming.

We’ve been experiencing some radio silence here, and I think it’s time to do something about that. The past month has been a busy one, starting off the month with a camping trip in the Hoh Rainforest out on the Olympic Peninsula with my girlfriend, followed very shortly afterward by a 12 day stint back east in Vermont and New Hampshire for a family reunion and annual trustee meeting, all of which went quite well and was a great time had by all.

I’ve been continuing to do the job hunting thing, with the occasional lucky break that has yet to pan out. Case in point: while I was back east, I got an email from Microsoft about an SDET position that I’d applied for a few months back, wanting a phone interview. I arranged for that (standing out in Meredith, in the rain, as there is zero cell coverage at Squam, so this was basically my only option), and it went reasonably well. Lucky break! But, it has yet to pan out — I was told that HR would be in contact with me within a few days, two weeks ago. I’m not sweating it, though. They’ll either call or they won’t.

On the same day I got the email from Microsoft, I had a chat with my cousin and her boyfriend, who run Mac Ranch out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I’m not sure how many realize it, but I do/did have my Apple support certifications, and it just so happens one of their techs is leaving sometime soon… so now I’m in the process of re-certifying and upgrading my Apple certs, with the awareness that I might be moving to Colorado if I don’t end up moving back to Seattle. I figure that regardless of whether the Mac Ranch or Microsoft gigs pan out, it’s 1) a good sign that I’m getting the occasional interview now; and 2) re-certifying is a worthwhile endeavor that could even potentially help me get a job here in Portland assuming I don’t take/get the two already mentioned.

We’ll see if it holds true, but in theory, I should know what I’m doing next by the end of the month. That will be a welcome change.