So, for about a year and a half now, I’ve been playing an online nation simulation game called CyberNations. I’ve been meaning to mention it for a while now. It’s a Persistent Browser Based Game (PBBG) that I was introduced to by Snikt and Co., and I’ve been lassoed into being the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the UberCon Alliance for about a year now (hopefully someone else will actually run against me in the election come December/January). If anyone is interested in trying out a nation simulation game (usually takes up maybe 5 minutes a day, tops — it’s only when you start getting political and into the metagame that it really starts to suck up your time), I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

If you do start a nation, ping me in game, and I’ll see about helping get you set up and running. The UberCon Alliance is a pretty peaceful place, we do what we can to keep our heads down and other alliances friendly with us, so we’ve thankfully not had a skirmish with another alliance in my tenure as MoFA, and we aim to keep it that way.


NDAs for the real world: FriendDA.

Key element to it:

I possess a bright idea that I am choosing to disclose to you, The Advisor, with the mutual understanding that you are my friend and that you will not screw me.


I recently got clued into a new system being developed by the folks over at Mozilla called Ubiquity. The short of it is that they’re trying to create a method to allow the web to function more seamlessly using natural language. Ubiquity in Depth explains a bit more about the logic and reasoning and path forward for the tool. Should be very interesting to see where it goes.

War on Photography

War on Photography is quite possibly one of the most enraging sites I’ve read in a good long while. It documents reports of photographers being harassed for no reason by police, security guards, and even random passersby. If you’re remotely interested in photography or first amendment rights (or, heaven forfend, both), it’s a quick way to raise your blood pressure about 30 points.