A Little Bit Scary

So, I just got off the phone with my landlady. I’ve given notice on my apartment: the plan is currently to be packed and everything in storage by the end of the month, and then take a few days in March to clean (the more March is open, the more likely I’ll be able to recoup some money, since I already paid February, and I paid first and last back when I moved in). Now, this isn’t that scary at first glance, since it’s just normal moving procedure.

The scary part is that I don’t know where I’m going next, just that it’s time to try somewhere else. My inclination right now is to head south, probably Portland, see how that sits. I may end up further south, somewhere in California (expensive, but work I’d like to be involved in is there). I really don’t know. A lot will depend on what sort of work I can find between now and then. Anything could happen: I could find a fantastic job tomorrow and be set. Or I could end up scrounging for cash, couch surfing, and living out of my car. It is a vast, grand, frightening unknown.

Well wishes and suggestions would be decidedly welcome.