Blog Lifecycle

  • Blogger creates blog.
  • A huge flurry of initial posts ensues. Blogger describes such mundane topics as taking his family to McDonald’s.
  • Blogger realizes that perhaps the rest of the world isn’t so interested in his musings on McDonald’s.
  • Posting frequency drops off.
  • A last post or two.
  • Blog goes into hiatus.
  • […]

  • After some time away, blogger returns with a few posts.

(A Brief Return at

Welcome back, Phil.

Moo Cards

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them before, but their recent announcement for Moo Business Cards prompted me to call them out again. Each card can be customized, and allows for a wealth of photographic and other artistic material to be added and given away. Given the high quality, full-bleed custom work that is done, the pricing is really pretty good. Definitely worth checking out if you need some business cards done and want to do something a little different. MOO’s Website