General Update

I’m currently down in DC with Mickey, helping her pack up her apartment for the move up to Vermont for the summer. (The move to Seattle comes later.)

It has proven to be an interesting time, with lots of final(???) visits with various groups of her friends, and stressing about the packing process and getting everything done before we head north on the 17th. I really wish I could say I’ve been a big help, but I can’t do so honestly. As much as I want to, other things have unfortunately been eating my days:
1) School. Wrapping up the last vestiges of my previous semester and prepping for the upcoming months of writing (doing a pretty in depth look at the development and administration of online communities). All of which have deadlines occuring while I’m down here.
2) Illness: on the flight down I managed to pick up a nasty little cold that knocked me on my ass for a day or two… which Mickey managed to catch and is STILL not entirely over. Yeah, this is normal, and unfortunate: I catch colds relatively easily, but once caught I get over them much more quickly than most people.
3) Dentistry. A tooth started giving me trouble, so Mickey made an appointment with her dentist down here for me. I got my teeth cleaned and an appointment to get my FOUR cavities filled (it has literally been years since I had dental work done). My appointment was today, and was only half completed before I got sent across town to a DIFFERENT dentist to get a root canal (one of the cavities proved deeper than hoped). I’ve spent about $1400 so far, and expect at least another $300 before I’m done. (Yes, I WOULD appreciate donations, as I have no dental insurance… the paypal button should be on the side of the front page.)

Just overall a very frustrating period. But we’ll get through it.

The wedding is two weeks from yesterday (May 26). Nervous as hell and excited as well: so much to do! And such a big step! But still, overall I’m really looking forward to it.

My friend Eli has made a media database system and has it up on his website and is looking for feedback if anyone has some spare time.

Umm, think that’s it (for now). More later.

Comment Protection

A minor (but important) bit of site maintenance today… I finally got around to learning how to turn off email address links in the comments section. They were already protected from basic spambots, but were still viewable to the general public.

I’m still not allowing fully anonymous comments, but now the email address is not viewable to the public (and more importantly, to the webcrawlers out there). I’d been meaning to do this for a while, but only just recently had a chance to implement it.

If you really want a way to have people get in touch with you from a comment you leave on this site, leave a URL to your website.