Maintain the Site

Back in late December, I completely gutted the site and redesigned it. Entries have been renumbered and links have been changed, and really the whole structure of the site has changed.

Of course, I never finished certain parts, including ones that I linked on the main page, like my credits page, and my articles section. I had a links page, but it was out-dated and didn’t fit with the site redesign.

I’ve fixed all that.

The links page has been updated.
The credits page has been uploaded.
The Articles section has been created. (Still empty though!)

If you run a website that you want me to put into my links list, leave a comment and I’ll look into it. (Which reminds me, I used Eli’s comment-spam workaround, which appears to have worked.)

One thought on “Maintain the Site

  1. Hey, nice :)

    I hate to inject a sour note right off the bat, but it appears that your main index and article index contain your shortcut icon (which is nifty), but none of the other pages seem to. Intentional? Overlooked? Next on the list? :P I can fully understand any of the three.

    I tried doing a shortcut icon for the Great Bow site, but it failed on (of all browsers) IE, despite using the exact same code as other sites that worked in IE…possible server problem. I figured to hell with it, since IE’s about 74% of the browser market.

    I particularly like the groove border: nice touch. I trust it renders nicely in Safari, or you wouldn’t have bothered with it. It renders nicely in Opera too. It’s a big chunky black line in IE, but surely that’s the way the groove border was meant to look! ::ducks Eli’s swing::

    It was nice to finally check out your Credits section, which for some reason I’ve never done. The concept behind the site name was about what I expected, but it’s cool to see it explained. I figured it came from a literary or theatrical work I wasn’t aware of, and it’s good to know it didn’t :)

    Peace; hope all is well.

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