Today, Squam

Today, we collected a bunch of people (Uri, Eli, Pia, Dave, Margot, Ann, Adam, and myself, plus the babies, Addison and Leah) and went for a day trip over to Squam.

It fucking ROCKED. Even got a chance to go kayaking around Great Island, as my aunt and uncle happened to swing by and let us into the boathouse and gave us the go-ahead on using their boats.

I’ll write about it more later, as I’m pretty tired right now.

5 thoughts on “Today, Squam

  1. Many thanks, Squam was wonderful.

    You’re a good person to know.

    Sometime, when I have time I’ll read up on your past history.

  2. I would like to take this moment to clarify that Great Island should actually be called Small Continent, it IS possible to get lost on a looped road, an when your husband tells you to Jump!, blind faith should be left up to the martyrs.

  3. bil thanks for letting us hang at squam, while i didn’t get to go on the cross-continental trip :P i did have a lot of fun.

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