Stuff, UBERCON, and Stuff

It’s been a very exciting month. I’ve been working on my schoolwork, which is a course on 3d modelling and computer graphics. It’s slow going, and relatively difficult (especially since I’m learning it on my own), but a great deal of fun. I also spent two weeks with my fiance (as I already mentioned), which was a mixture of good (spending time with Mickey is ALWAYS good) and bad (no real net connection for me… made it hard to get some things accomplished that I needed/wanted to do). I wouldn’t trade the time for anything, though.

Also this month, a lot of things started coming to a head for UberCon.

First, a little background: UberCon is a gaming convention (or rather, CHAIN of gaming conventions) that is planning its inaugural event this February in the New York Metro area. It is the brainchild of my friend and associate Kevin, who has worked quite diligently to get this done while holding down his (extremely time consuming) day job. I got involved when he first started talking about the topic, and have been involved in various fashions ever since.

I’m currently a co-founder, investor, Press Liaison, Gopher, advertising contact, and half a dozen other things. Since we’re still in birthing processes, it is very much a volunteer organization, and I wear whatever hat is necessary at the time. I’m really excited by what’s been going on with the convention, both because I love games and feel that this is an excellent opportunity to have fun while encouraging the gaming community, and because it’s really nice to see something you’ve worked hard on come to fruition.

A few weeks ago (while I was in DC, in fact), I called the folks at Penny Arcade to see if it would be possible to advertise with them. They’ve been extremely helpful and professional, and have arranged to get us a month of advertising, split into two two-week segments. The first segment will start in about 3 days. Which works out well for us, since we finally got our online registration up and running today. Woo! Everyone go register! Right now! Dooooo iiiiit! Seriously, it should have been up a month ago, but we only finalized on certain backend work recently, so to have it all up and running now is definitely a good thing.

Speaking of “backend work”, I may be futzing a little more with this site (or if I’m smart, a beta folder of the site). This is partially for my own desire to tweak things, and partially so I can develop a suitable interface and backend for a gaming site my brother and I are currently in planning stages on. We’ve currently got as a domain name for it… it’s currently pointing at his website, which he still hasn’t done anything with (as far as I know, he actually only uses the account for email). I’m really excited about this idea, partially because I think the collaborative effort will be fun, as well as simply because I have a passion for games and the gaming community. I’ve always wanted to do a review site. As in, a real one, one that has multiple authors and robust content. Unlike here (so far).

Check back real soon now, and I’ll try to have further, more regular updates.