A Late Update

Sorry for the late update. I’ve been down in DC for the past week (and will be for another few days before heading up to Chicago to meet the soon-to-be in-laws), and between that and other aspects of life, I just haven’t had a chance to update the site. Hopefully this won’t be a recurring situation.

I also learned a fun new fact: blogs are time sensitive! An entry will remain on the main page for an allotted amount of time (OR until you update, whichever comes first). So all of the entries that were on the main page disappeared and went into the archives. Pain in the ass! I may see about fixing that a later date.

I updated the site, of course, because I added two more links to my links section. My friend Che finally got a web address, so I’m adding him in. And the other is me finally getting around to adding Something Positive to my official list of webcomics I read.

I’ll try to post again after Thanksgiving to let you know how that all went. (Should be fine, but I’m too paranoid to not be at least a little nervous.)