In DC, Bored

Well, this was an interesting day. But I’ll start a bit further back than that. I’ve spent the past week or so down in Washingon DC with Mickey. It’s been a mixture of good and bad — she’s been working every single day thus far, for long days (8am to 7pm, not including commute times), so I’ve had a lot of time by myself in her apartment. This is good because it gives me time to get some schoolwork done, but at the same time, I’ve been getting kind of moody and lonely, since I have NO interaction all day (can’t really be online very well, and I don’t know anyone in the area, let alone people who’d be available to talk or hang out), and also it means Mickey gets home tired and worn out.

Aaaanywho, Mickey called me this morning from work, and invited me to come up and visit, as her friend Carrie’s mom was bringing in an early thankgiving dinner for everyone, since she wasn’t going to be around the following week. It was good food, and I finally got to see some of Mickey’s work. She does a really great job, I must say.