The Process

Life is a process. A screwy, non-linear process, but nonetheless it is still a process. What I currently have on my plate:
—> a new semester of school, focusing on 3d computer graphics and solid geometry;
—> a loving relationship, sadly long distance, and making plans for the wedding this spring (I’ll talk more about that later);
—> moving into a place of my own, already two months there and I STILL haven’t found time to unpack
—> UberCon, a massive (and hopefully successful) gaming convention that I’m assisting with (I’m a co-founder), contacting the media for it, as well as helping where I can with advertising (I’ll write more about this later too);
—>, the website for the Vermont Professional Photographers association, has fallen under my jurisdiction recently, and a great deal of work needs to be done on that just to get it to a point where it can be easily maintained;
—> Avatar, a MUD (an online multiplayer text-based game and online community) that I’ve been an administrator on for several years, has several projects that I’m supposed to be working on (and haven’t for lack of time and energy);
—> “Everyday life”, an endeavor I was never very good at, what with a generally laid-back nature and absent-mindedness. Having a social life, as well as bill paying, grocery shopping, cooking/eating, et cetera, all would fall under this one.

And then there is here, I’ve done a lot of work on it recently, trying to get a point where it can serve as both a blogging system as well as a general CMS, so that it becomes easy to add content, unlike my previous setup. This new arrangement also enables me to provide ways for friends and associates to post content without compromising my security. I can give them “author accounts” with limited administrative ability, and let them post things themselves.

At some point soon, I’ll be adding more content. I’ve slowly been converting my old image gallery to the new setup, but it takes time. Please check back often, and leave comments!

One thought on “The Process

  1. Man, I tell ya, always slacking off. Eesh. ;)

    The site looks good! I’m excited to see where some of the changes are heading. With any luck, I might even have something to post from one of my studio classes yet this year! :D

    “Everyday life” sure better include some time to just kick back and Be. Don’t make yourself too crazy. Or, you know, much crazier than normal.

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