New Graphics Card!

I installed my new graphics card into my desktop today. Installed Warcraft III, and the Jedi Knight II demo, both of which play superbly. In another few moments, I’ll have a conference call concerning UberCon, so I’m really just killing time until then. (YES, I am sitting in Dirt looking like a dork with a headset, but c’est la vie: there is reasonable reception here, and I haven’t had a chance to turn my long distance back on.)

Just called Dave, he’s gonna swing by in a bit. Will be good to see him again, it’s been a while. He sounded pretty out of it, though. Not gonna worry about it.

I’m waiting on calling Mickey for two reasons: it’s the first time she’s had to spend with her brother since her neice was born, and is visiting this evening. Also, I know for a reasonable certainty that it’d take more than the 10 minutes I have left to wait.

Not sure what else to write at the moment. I guess I’ll leave it here, for now, and just sip my chai.

OH, before I forget, I have taken the first step to buying the books I want/need for my study: I raised my daily transaction limit to $800. This should be enough to buy the Maya bundles in a fell swoop, and then I can pick up the rest the following day (or vice versa). I’m kind of leary of spending that much money, but it’s just the way it is. Besides, they’ll be useful if I choose to pursue this (which is a distinct possibility if I take to the material).