New WebComic Discovery

I’m sure it isn’t new for some, but it was definitely new for me: Something Positive is a remarkably well done webcomic that I just read through the archives of. It is sometimes dark, invariably sarcastic/rude, and generally funny as hell. (As with any creative work of any type, it is still subject to a bit of hit-or-miss troubles. But the ratio of hit to miss is good!)

At a point in the story arc, Davan (one of the main characters) walks in to find his girlfriend with her ex. I’ll admit it, as the oft times paranoid type that I am, it is one of my biggest fears when entering into or being in a relationship. (Not just the walking in on, but the whole cheating thing in general.) There are things to help assuage those fears, and there are things that exacerbate them as well. But in the end, what it comes down to is that if you can’t have faith in your partner, then you probably shouldn’t be with them anyway.

Just a pondering, figured I’d share, since I have this spiff new blogging system set up. Damn webcomics, making me pause to think!

I’ll be setting up Something Positive as a permanent link in my links menu at some point in the near future. It’s just quarter of four at the moment, so I’m going to bed instead.