America Dies Boldly

I tend to avoid bringing up politics, largely due to disillusionment with the current system and a desire not to let myself get drawn into the intricacies of doing your damnedest to actually be non-partisan. My disillusionment will not stop me from voting when I wake up tomorrow (today?), but I’m not going to assume even for a moment that there won’t be some serious tampering and corruption going on.

All that to say: go read today’s Diesel Sweeties. Funny and scary, because it’s true!

Outage and Funny

First: sorry I didn’t post the past few days. We had a connection outage for the past day and a half because of the wind and rain that’s currently hitting Seattle. Back up now, though (obviously).

Next: So true.

Last: I got a haircut yesterday, finally. I am now slightly less shaggy. Mickey and I are both pleased with the result. I’d post a picture, but, well, I’m lazy. Toodles!

Child’s Play

Just a quick post. Penny Arcade is currently partnering with Amazon and the Seattle Children’s Hospital to do a toy drive for the kids. It’s called Child’s Play, and really is a pretty awesome thing. It’s also impressive just how much support they’ve received, and how quickly.

In other toyish news, my friend Gareth is a finalist in the Lego Master Builder competitions. (Gareth, not Garrett. Scroll down.) Good luck in the finals, man!

UberCon is coming along. We’ve set up some Forums, which you should check out if you’re a foruming type of person.

See? Quick post. Later. :)

New WebComic

I’d HIGHLY recommend going to check out Daryll’s Advocate, a syndicate-worthy comic strip done by a fellow forumer.

When I say “syndicate-worthy,” I’m not kidding. The art is top notch, and the writing and concept is reminiscient of Watterson. He’s doing it as a webcomic at the moment because: 1) it allows him to get the comic public and start getting support for it, and 2) it can act as an online portfolio for syndicate submission.

Go check it out. Oh, and be sure to check the portfolio page, too… some great stuff in there.

The Long Rant Goodnight

First off, Mickey finished working on another image recently, and will likely be posting it later tonight, so do check the visual gallery sometime soon. I’ve seen the image in question already, and I think you’ll be well pleased.

Next: sorry for the lack of posting. Hopefully you’ve all noticed that Mickey at least has been posting regularly on her LiveJournal account. I simply haven’t felt up for posting lately, in the midst of getting everything set up and such. That is not to say that I don’t have a lot I want to say, merely once again making it clear that desire [to speak/write] is not always enough of a motivating factor. What finally got me motivated to post? Frustration.

We ended up going with cable modem instead of DSL, because Qwest was dicking around with us and we got fed up… we’ve been pretty satisfied with the results of that decision, which I’ll talk more about in a second. For now, please bear with me. There is one (1) cable connection in the apartment, which is downstairs by the front door. Rather than pay lots of money to get the house rewired (foolish since we don’t know how long we’ll be here, and it’s not THAT big a deal), I’ve moved the cable modem and my airport base station to that location. While this is good in some ways (I can run wire directly from the router/base station to the hub housing the console connections), it means that I’ve had to find a solution in getting my PC connected adequately upstairs in my office.
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This Day, Today

Today is Wednesday. (Well, looking at the time, if I don’t finish this soon YESTERDAY was Wednesday.)

Generally, every Wednesday, my brother drives down from Burlington, and comes to lunch with my parents, Mickey, and myself, and often Eli and Megan. Chris and Gloria are planning to join us in this regular occurence, but things haven’t worked out in that endeavor as yet. Well, it might have happened today, but I don’t know.

Because I wasn’t there. Mickey and I had a hair appointment that afternoon in yonder Manchester, NH. We drove down, and had our respective heads of hair dyed. Mickey refreshed the red color she’d had done for the wedding. I had never dyed my hair before, so I chose to go for a bit more flamboyant a dye job, and decided to turn my hair blue.

The whole process took about three hours, and I ended up having to get a second treatment done, as it turns out my hair doesn’t take dye too well. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. While it isn’t quite as saturated a blue as I might like, I am satisfied with my initial experience of hair dying, and now understand more about my hair for next time. (And yes, there WILL be a next time… probably this October if not sooner.)

Our friend Julie also came up from Boston, and had her hair done at the same time as us, so after we were all done, we got in touch with another friend of ours (Florence), and went to Florence’s place for dinner. (Quite scrumptious.)

As Mickey and I headed back north, we listened to some of my old compilations… as we were listening to a King Crimson song called “I Talk to the Wind” on one of these compilation CDs, I had a particularly strong vision pop up, generated by the mood and lyrics of the song. It involves the straight man and the late man, and hopefully I’ll put it to paper (whether digital or physical paper is a separate matter) soon.

Hmm, what else… both my brother and my friend Eli have begun posting regularly, so do please swing on by and check out their sites.

Also, the folks over at Life of Riley have pointed out a potentially nifty online community called Gaia Online. If you are interested, tell them I sent you.

More Site Maintenance… Dangit

Yeah, that’s right, yet another little post annoucning alterations to the site instead of announcing (or being) new content.

I’ve removed Polymer City Chronicles from my links list, and replaced it with Ozy & Millie, a syndicatable (in other words, really really well drawn and written) webcomic suggested to me by my brother.

In other news, I installed Movable Type onto my brother’s site, Mellow Afternoon. He should have some content of some sort up soon.

My next post will be an actual update, or my name isn’t Finneas T. Squirrel… and it’s not.