Off to Hawaii!

I’m off to Hawaii for 10 days, kind of a honeymoon before the actual wedding (hey, it’s when we have time!) It should be a great deal of fun, though I’m kind of nervous about making all the connections tomorrow (starting at 5:45am and we get there 16ish hours later… fun).

Not really much else to say here. I hope you all (or rather, whoever actually reads this site… ie, no one) have a wonderful New Years, and hopefully I’ll post pictures and such of the trip when I get back!

2 thoughts on “Off to Hawaii!

  1. yo, hows hawaii bil. i’m fine, just wondering if you have an exact date fore the big wedding. if so e-mail me and let fallon and i know. thanks man

  2. Heya, Hawaii was fabulous. The wedding is going to be a small affair (just parents and siblings) this Memorial Day. Some point later, we’ll do a big party for everyone though, so I’ll let you know when that actually goes down.

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