Pre-Trip Ramblings

It is the week before Mickey and I fly to Hawaii. I’m really looking forward to it, both because I get to see her and because, well, it’s HAWAII! Love that place. Kicks my ass. Should be interesting to go there during the winter instead of June like I did last time (it will be Mickey’s first trip to Hawaii, I hope she digs it).

Interesting non-day thus far. I need to work some more on my schoolwork, as my next packet is due technically while we’re in Hawaii, so either at the end of this week (early) or immediately after we get back (late). I’ll probably end up being late, as I still need to finish and send last month’s packet. I dislike getting
into this predicament so early in the semester, but other work (UberCon) HAD to take priority for a while, else I’d lose a significant amount of money, as well as let a lot of people down (the big one for me… INFP).

So I was in the shower today (imagine that), and was thinking about Mickey (again, such a surprise), and I had some paranoid thoughts, which happens pretty often unfortunately. I’m bringing it up, though, because I think I’m getting better about it. The thoughts didn’t seem as real, or as likely, and didn’t wig me out nearly as much. I think it is a good sign that I’m finally starting to get over some of my previous baggage and fears of getting my feelings betrayed again. I haven’t told Mickey about that yet, so who knows, maybe I’ll just send her this little ramble that I’m doing.

I’ve kind of stalled out this past week. I finally had a “free” week to catch up on things I’ve been neglecting (like unpacking my apartment… the apartment I’m never at — that should change sometime soon, since it sounds like we’ll be doing South Park Wednesdays at my place from now on). So I unpacked a lot of my
stuff, and got the boxes I want to keep into the loft space (which was sketchy as the ladder I was using was REALLY rickety). Got the two futon chairs set up, et cetera et cetera. But there is still a lot to be done, and I’ve lost momentum on it (and momentum on UberCon, and momentum on school, and… I’m hoping this trip to Hawaii will really recharge my emotional batteries.)