Back from Hawaii

I’m back from Hawaii now. Actually we got back last week, but I’ve spent the past week catching up with stuff that happened while I was gone. Sorry for the late update. Hawaii was a blast, sunny and around 80 every day, with a light sea breeze. In the beginning of the trip, Mickey and I wandered around with Eli and Megan, heading up to Hapuna Beach, and over to Green Sands Beach, both of which were a really fun time (Hapuna is this great beach, relatively popular, and remarkably pretty… Green Sands is down at south point, and requires a 2 mile hike to get to… but is well worth it if you like bodysurfing).

We also did some shopping (alright, a lot of shopping), picking up various trinkets and such. I picked up a few shirts, some coffee, and a really nifty glass dragon that is currently sitting on my shelf, guarding my books. I also took a boatload of pictures, filling up my 512MB compact flash card three times. I’m going through the redactive process with them currently: they should be up on here at some point in the not too distant future. Probably around when I revamp the image gallery.

Yes, that’s right, I’m revamping it AGAIN. I’ve been debating the best method to organize the images into some sort of cohesive arrangement, and I think I’ve come up with a satisfactory method.

In other news, UberCon is coming along nicely. We’ve had a steady if slow flow of registrations, and it looks to be a really great time. I’ve been doing my normal running around with my head cut off, arranging advertising with Penny Arcade and Megatokyo, as well as contacting R Milholland, who is the creator of Something Positive. He has been gracious enough to accept our invitation to come participate in a webcomics panel to be held during the convention. I’m pretty pleased with myself about how those things have been turning out. I would be MORE pleased, however, if the folks at Squaresoft would return my attempts at contact, to discuss getting a demo booth for them set up to show/debut Final Fantasy XI, which is due out February 15 — right in the middle of the convention. Even if it’s just a “no”, it would be appreciated to at least not be ignored, you know? Ah well, it’s not too late. I’ll continue to try.

My study is going slowly right now: as a studio study, I really need to be playing more with the media, and I simply haven’t been around to lately. In some ways it feels to me like I’ve been stalling on actually getting to work on it by finding other things to do (today, for instance, I spent several hours breaking down boxes and cleaning my apartment, instead of finishing up this current packet and sending it to my advisor). I don’t know why this is the case, as I actually do enjoy myself when I’m doing it… but there it is.

I picked up Sim City 4 the other day… I’ve only played it for a few hours, but I hope to write a review of it sometime soon. We’ll see though: it might make more sense to start my review section with a series I’ve followed more consistently: before Sim City 4, the last Sim City game I’d played was the original, back on my Performa 575.

My apologies for this being such a scattered post… I just figured a scattered post would be better than no post at all.