Rain Rain, Go Away

Come again some other day.

So, we woke up this morning around 8, ready for the movers to arrive. As I slipped into consciousness, I realized that it was raining, HARD. Mmm, always fun for when you are moving everything you own onto a truck.

I got up and rummaged around for a little bit not sure what to do (antsy, nervous), and then decided to go deposit the check we got for selling Mickey’s desktop ($650, and we had to fight to get that much). The rain really was something else. I was hydroplaning pretty heavily, and lord knows I wasn’t the only one. Apparently in the time it took me to head north into town, and then head back south (maybe 30 minutes, total), there managed to be a really nasty accident on the northbound lane of I-91… requiring not one but THREE ambulances. I couldn’t see the cars though, so I’m not sure what actually happened. I can only speculate that someone hydroplaned into another car, or off the road. Or both.

I got back to the apartment (can’t really call it home anymore, really), and helped with the little futzing things that we were doing to pass the time (packing the phone up now that service is disconnected, things like that), and lugged the things we’re taking with us in the car to the car.

The rain has started to let up, and now we’re just waiting for the movers to arrive. Somehow (we checked to make sure it was on last night when we plugged it into the charger) Mickey’s phone turned itself off in the night, so we’re not sure if the movers called this morning: whoops. We left them a message, so hopefully they’ll either get back to us or just show up.
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