Rain Rain, Go Away

Come again some other day.

So, we woke up this morning around 8, ready for the movers to arrive. As I slipped into consciousness, I realized that it was raining, HARD. Mmm, always fun for when you are moving everything you own onto a truck.

I got up and rummaged around for a little bit not sure what to do (antsy, nervous), and then decided to go deposit the check we got for selling Mickey’s desktop ($650, and we had to fight to get that much). The rain really was something else. I was hydroplaning pretty heavily, and lord knows I wasn’t the only one. Apparently in the time it took me to head north into town, and then head back south (maybe 30 minutes, total), there managed to be a really nasty accident on the northbound lane of I-91… requiring not one but THREE ambulances. I couldn’t see the cars though, so I’m not sure what actually happened. I can only speculate that someone hydroplaned into another car, or off the road. Or both.

I got back to the apartment (can’t really call it home anymore, really), and helped with the little futzing things that we were doing to pass the time (packing the phone up now that service is disconnected, things like that), and lugged the things we’re taking with us in the car to the car.

The rain has started to let up, and now we’re just waiting for the movers to arrive. Somehow (we checked to make sure it was on last night when we plugged it into the charger) Mickey’s phone turned itself off in the night, so we’re not sure if the movers called this morning: whoops. We left them a message, so hopefully they’ll either get back to us or just show up.

This does mean that I have some time to sit around and write a blog entry, though. I suppose I could be working on my essay, but this is really my last chance to post anything for a while, so I may as well make the best of it. (My essay I can write offline. My blog, I cannot.)

A few things to ponder while I’m gone (those of you who actually bother reading and responding, please feel free to do so either here or on your own websites. I’ll read them when I can).

1. What would you say are the best ways to keep in touch when moving away?
2. Is there anyone you wish you’d kept in touch with MORE, that you’ve now lost track of?
3. Where is “Home”? Does it change with where you live, or is home where your soul resides?

I know those questions might seem somewhat wistful or melancholy, but that’s kind of the mood I’m in. I’m moving away from the area I’ve lived for my entire life, into a place where I don’t really know anybody. I’m daunted by the process of making new friends, because I remember how hard it was for me to gain what friends I have (I would like to think I’ve grown since then, but the fear still exists).

I’m most certainly daunted by the thought of trying to pursue my goals. I wish to get involved in the gaming industry and ultimately design games that involve excellent story and character, that establish a rapport with a player. I realize that might seem lofty for someone who has trouble staying on track and motivated, and has had trouble for the past several years in advancing my abilities in a variety of fields (drawing, writing, photography, a thousand others… I progress very quickly to a certain point and then cease to progress at all). It has been a point of frustration, and I’m not sure how to deal with it. I personally feel that I would benefit from being around more people who are interested in the same subjects, and are actively in the process of pursuing those interests.

Of course, that said, I’m an INFP (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive), which, regardless of whether you believe in psychoanalytic junk is a fairly accurate representation of who I am and how I behave. This means that I have trouble justifying taking up other people’s time: even if they are willing to help, I’m not willing to ask. So I’m not sure how much being around people active in the same interests will actually help, since part of being around such people is being able to collaborate, corroborate, and help each other through trick situations.

Meh. I just got off the phone with Kevin (my UberCon business partner). There is a long and convoluted story involving UberCon and my involvement that I have intentionally not gotten into in this public space, but needless to say, I don’t see eye to eye with the management practices of the current lead organizer, and this has caused no end of frustration and stress.

Apparently there was the impression that I was going to be running the anime section of the convention again, despite my having stated quite clearly that I would not be able to bring my own resources like I did last time, and could at most sit in and run the room on occasion (NO MORE 12 HOUR SHIFTS, DAMNIT!). I was getting a phone call from Kevin asking why I hadn’t emailed any details about that yet. The answer is multifaceted, but here are two reasons fit for public consumption: 1) I made it clear MONTHS ago that I didn’t have time to organize the event this time around; 2) No one has contacted me expressing even the SLIGHTEST interest in my involvement, even when talking to Adam and Janet at other times. There is more to it than that, but that is enough. I’m not happy about how all this has turned out, and I’m strongly considering asking to be bought out, or at the very least, become a completely silent partner.

For now though, I’m just trying to decide whether I’m attending UberCon as a volunteer, or as an attendee. I need to decide soon, because of the way Adam is doing the volunteer system. Grr.

That was a bit more bitter than I’d hoped for to wrap up the blog for the next few weeks, but I needed to write about that stuff instead, apparently.

In theory, the hotel we’re staying at in Chicago has complimentary broadband in every room. So I might be able to connect briefly in about a week. Also, I’ll probably be on briefly on Monday the 4th (around then anyway) while I email the EXCEL advisor the draft of my essay (however much I have done by that point… which will hopefully be most of it).

Beyond that, though, I don’t think I’ll have a net connection until the DSL is installed on the 21st, so until then, stay safe, drive slow and drink milk!

2 thoughts on “Rain Rain, Go Away

  1. There are many people, both friends and relatives, I have lost track of over the years. As much as Dad hates them, there is a place for Christmas letters. At least that way you can contact people at least once a year, keep current with addresses, major life events, etc. I imagine the same sort of thing can be done thru e-mail, but the key is to pick a time of year and contact those important to you every year.

  2. Hope you guys are getting settled in OK. How are things looking at the possibility of acquiring a fur-kid? I still have to get myself to accept the concept, but if you’re still hoping…..lemme know.



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