Chapter 2 is Up

Some general updates real quick before I go eat:

I just finished the draft of chapter 2. I’d appreciate feedback (please leave your comments on this entry), to see if my reasoning is sound. Grammar and continuity issues are already covered by my fantabulous wife.

The movers are arriving tomorrow. Yes, we are happy about this. Yes, we also wish things had actually gone according to schedule. Yes, I know we could have had it a LOT worse.

I’ll be at Squam for the coming week (the 2nd through the 9th of August). If you know me and want to come, email me. If you don’t know my email, you obviously don’t know me well enough to come. Sorry.

Neil Gaiman is doing a new Sandman mini-series. It comes out in September, and I’m eagerly anticipating it.

Both Eli and Uri have been slackers about posting of late. Be sure to go give them shit in their comments section, maybe it’ll goad them into posting. It’ll also show them that I actually have readers other than them. Well, that and also their sites are worth reading, because they are good people and write about life in (sometimes) interesting ways.

That’s all. Hopefully I’ll try to post again tomorrow night (though it may be the last time for a few weeks… sorry! Such is the way of moving :( ).

UPDATE: 9:45pm, 7/31/2003:
Yeah, about an hour after I wrote and posted this blog, my brother posted a new entry. Go check it out.

Eli’s still too busy planning his upcoming roadtrip to post though.