Weird Air

Things have been really weird lately. I don’t know if it’s the cycle of the moon (new moon was a day or two ago), or what, but things have been just not working right for the past few days.

A few things to ponder: the moving company we are working with was on the ball and professional for the entire time we were working with them… until this week. We were supposed to be moved out either today or tomorrow… and now it’s looking like it won’t be until the 1st. They failed to call us, and we ended up having to call several times in order to finally get any word at all (and it still isn’t confirmed at all).

I tried selling one of our computers over eBay. We got one (1) bid. I sent the invoice within half an hour of when the auction closed. I made it quite clear that this needed to be dealt with as soon as possible, as we were under the gun because we needed to move. We got no response for two days… I emailed again, explained that we only had a day left, he responds… the next day. I send him another email, he doesn’t respond, I finally email him and tell him that I’m out of time and have to rescind the offer. Frustrating!

We were in Everything But Anchovie’s (EBA’s) tonight, and had the slowest service we’ve ever had. The food did not come for fully an hour, which we then scarfed down and ate in 5 minutes. This is pretty damn unacceptable, and not what normally happens there.

It just feels weird right now, like we’ve been told to hurry up and wait, in unacceptable ways. There are other things that are causing this feeling, but I won’t get into that.

On to other things, so this post doesn’t end up in a holding pattern as well.

Robin swung by while we were in Hanover tonight (it being Wednesday, she knows we’re here). She’s pretty cool, if young, and the additional female element is a nice augment to the group. She directed us to a pretty interesting website of drawings called Both her blog and the art site are worth the time to go visit, if only for the randomness of them.

Mickey is currently reading (and chortling over) “Death: At Death’s Door” a manga-style story about Death of the Endless during the time period that Dream has the key to hell and all the dead people are coming back. It’s freakin’ brilliant.

That’s enough for now, I’ll try and do at least one more post before we start the journey cross-country (ie, either Thursday or Friday, if not both).

2 thoughts on “Weird Air

  1. The dead people are coming back? Oh no! Run from the zombies….Or maybe…….

    “Here zombie zombie zombie!” *evil smirk*

  2. “I’m Death. This is my house.”

    “Yeah, right, you and the other seven trillion goth chicks who choked on their own vomit over there.”

    Just. So. Wrong. Love it :)

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