70th Posting

According to the blogging software, this is my 70th entry in the main blog. It won’t be a large posting, but still some things to note:

First off, Happy Birthday Sabrina! Enjoy the very first anniversary of your birth. I know you’re too young to read (we’ll have you blogging in no time!), but I hope you have a great day anyway.

In other news, the movers arrive in two days. I’m nervous, uneasy, and not very productive at the moment. That said, I really am hard at work on this essay, and will hopefully have more to post by the end of tonight. (FYI: these are draft copies… I haven’t checked them for grammar yet. I know there are a few mix ups.)

I’m sitting in Hanover, sipping iced chai, trying to relax and write, and finally it seems to be working. The past few days have been kind of stressing instead of relaxing… it was Parent’s Weekend, and Hanover was SWARMING with loud, obnoxious yuppies, making it very hard to concentrate on much of anything. One day later, and the place is quiet and back to normal, not TOO much worse for wear. (“But ‘Bil, why not write at home, in the comfort of the giant purple chair or something?” Because my apartment is full of boxes right now, and I can’t seem to concentrate there.)

Ah well, the weather is nice. Feels more like a late August day than a late July day, but whatever. That’s FINE by me.

One thought on “70th Posting

  1. Thanks for the birthday greetings for Sabrina! :D

    She had a birthday dinner with her parents and grandparents at a local restaurant and received lots of presents and affection, not to mention a piece of gooey birthday cake. We’ll have pictures of the occasion when you and Mickey go thru Chicago on your way out to Seattle.

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