Eating Cookies in Seattle


Okay, so I’m currently in Seattle, eating some tasty chewy cookies, in our friend Arik’s house. He’s got this really amazing place (the image above is from his rooftop deck, looking out over downtown and the sound. [Larger Image]), but we can’t really afford a place like this… As much as it would be nice.

Maybe later.

The past few days have been delightful fun, wandering around Seattle and mysteriously innately understanding the general lay of the land (useful, since I’ve been playing the role of navigator). I think it comes down to the fact that I wandered around the area kind of willy-nilly when I was last here two years ago, and a lot of it stuck with me.
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Weeklong Absence

Some general site updates:
1. The individual entry archives for the image gallery now has a “First” and “Last” (ie, most recent) link in the navigation menu, allowing you to go to the first image uploaded and browse forward if that suits you (requested by my wife).
2. I’ll be uploading my last five prepared images shortly. My next “project” will be redacting this winter’s trip to Hawaii, and getting some images up from that.
3. I’m taking a semi-vacation this coming week. I’ll be in Seattle looking at apartments, and I’m not sure what sort of connectivity I’ll have, so no new posts from me for a whole week! (Well, unless it turns out I have reams of wireless access everywhere I go, and free time to post.)

Hope both of my readers have a great week!


Today has been “one of those days,” starting bright and early at 3:30 in the morning. The smoke alarm went off, you see. But just once, just long enough to wake us up and startle the hell out of us. We got up and wandered the apartment, checking each smoke alarm, checking each room, even checked outside the door to see (and smell) if anything was amiss. Nothing. Just random alarms going off. (Batteries checked out fine, by the way.)

Woke up late, stumbled out and signed all sorts of papers that Mickey put in front of me, all concerning moving stuff, I am assured by her. I read my mail, read my fourms, and then tried to figure out whether or not I hallucinated an email that I thought I’d received the day before when I’d checked my mail at my parents’ house, but now apparently was nowhere to be found, nor even registering in the email logs as ever existing. I am, to say the least, disconcerted.

This all left me very scattered, as we drove north to mail and fax what we needed to mail and fax (on the bright side, we are now fully committed to the move and have lined up movers fully, contracts signed and all). We finally ate some food around 5 over at Ramunto’s, and then came over to Collis, where we have sat since, reading and chatting with Eli, Megan, and Megan’s friend Ernie (whom is in from Iowa).
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MORE Musings of a Frantic Mind

Let me ‘splain to you… no, it is too much. Let me sum up:

I spent a good portion of the day at my parents’ house, doing odd things, like running antenna cable through my father’s car (he’s installing a two way radio… we’re all ham radio operators, you see). Before that, however, I was on the Penny Arcade forums, where there was a poll going on as to whether or not the art forum should try to find non-nude anatomy references to post for exercises. I think the notion is absurd (and upon checking the poll again now that it is completed, apparently the rest of the forumers agree). I recall reading in (I believe) one of A.D. Coleman’s essays a recounting of a story about Toulouse Lautrec at a gallery opening. A dame came up to him outraged at a painting of a woman undressing with a man looking on. She called it pornography and filth. He turned to her and said “The woman is not undressing, she is dressing, and that man is her husband, and I’d appreciate it if you would stop looking at my painting.”

Alas, the entire story is paraphrased horribly, as I have not been able to locate it again. I’ll go back and edit it if I discover the actual story again.
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Musings of a Frantic Mind

It occured to me last night, around 12:30 (so technically today), as I was drifting off to a relatively early slumber, that I had not posted. I had posted another four images, but I had not actually posted anything on the main page. So, to all three of you that even occasionally glance at this page, my apologies.

First off, congratulations to my friend Andy and his wife Emily for getting married yesterday. I hope it was a fantastic wedding, and I’m sorry Mickey and I couldn’t make it.

What did I do instead? Packed. Mickey took care of talking to various moving agencies on the phone, getting quotes lined up et cetera. That took up the mid-day, and by 5, we simply weren’t up for driving 3 hours each way.
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Today was the Fourth of July, Independence Day, which we spent lazing about the house, followed by dinner with the folks, then the local fireworks display. The fireworks were excellent this year, down at Kilowatt Field at the border between Vermont and New Hampshire (for those that are unaware, Vermont IS part of the United States, and not in fact a mythical land that they mention “travelling off to” in tv sitcoms).

I hadn’t been to the local fireworks display since they moved to their current location (previously it had been at the high school football field). I did make it to fireworks last year, but that was down in Boston (you would think they would be more extravagant, but no… the local ones are just as good).

There was a certain humor to the event, since we were perched precariously on the side of a rather steep hill looking over the river. I slid off the blanket several times over the course of the night, because I simply could NOT keep anchored.

Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera, so no pictures this time. (My D60 is still in for repairs… I should have it back by the end of next week, hopefully in time for my trip to Seattle.)

I really just wanted to give a quick post about the day… hopefully sometime in the next few days, I’ll do a more substantial piece, as there is a lot going on in my head right now.

Hanover, Pretty Red Dress

Let me explain to you something about the past few days:

For the past several months, I’ve been feeling very rushed, very stressed. This is partially because I took more onto my plate than I’d ever had before, and I felt a bit overwhelmed. Finally, after easily six months, things have started to fall away as “done.” The past two weeks I started to feel a bit more like I was in control of my life again.

The downside of this is that the feeling is starting to have lasting effects, namely killing my motivation but good. Today, I sat around reading manga online until 3 in the afternoon, before finally showering off (and I’d felt the need for it since the previous night). Mickey and I then got up and picked up some boxes to pack some of our more moisture sensitive materials in (like books). While out and about (not in a boat), we got a call from my parents, who wanted to see my blue hair. So we went to dinner with them, over at Lui Lui’s…

Which gets us to the red dress mentioned in the title of this entry. There was a tent sale, you see, in the parking lot of the restaurant, which we meandered through after eating. Mickey managed to find a really nifty red dress that she really likes (and is now wearing), for about 50% off. There is a certain humor to seeing my wife (whom I am constantly looking toward to get permission to spend money) reverse the roles and look at me for the approving nod on the purchase.
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This Day, Today

Today is Wednesday. (Well, looking at the time, if I don’t finish this soon YESTERDAY was Wednesday.)

Generally, every Wednesday, my brother drives down from Burlington, and comes to lunch with my parents, Mickey, and myself, and often Eli and Megan. Chris and Gloria are planning to join us in this regular occurence, but things haven’t worked out in that endeavor as yet. Well, it might have happened today, but I don’t know.

Because I wasn’t there. Mickey and I had a hair appointment that afternoon in yonder Manchester, NH. We drove down, and had our respective heads of hair dyed. Mickey refreshed the red color she’d had done for the wedding. I had never dyed my hair before, so I chose to go for a bit more flamboyant a dye job, and decided to turn my hair blue.

The whole process took about three hours, and I ended up having to get a second treatment done, as it turns out my hair doesn’t take dye too well. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. While it isn’t quite as saturated a blue as I might like, I am satisfied with my initial experience of hair dying, and now understand more about my hair for next time. (And yes, there WILL be a next time… probably this October if not sooner.)

Our friend Julie also came up from Boston, and had her hair done at the same time as us, so after we were all done, we got in touch with another friend of ours (Florence), and went to Florence’s place for dinner. (Quite scrumptious.)

As Mickey and I headed back north, we listened to some of my old compilations… as we were listening to a King Crimson song called “I Talk to the Wind” on one of these compilation CDs, I had a particularly strong vision pop up, generated by the mood and lyrics of the song. It involves the straight man and the late man, and hopefully I’ll put it to paper (whether digital or physical paper is a separate matter) soon.

Hmm, what else… both my brother and my friend Eli have begun posting regularly, so do please swing on by and check out their sites.

Also, the folks over at Life of Riley have pointed out a potentially nifty online community called Gaia Online. If you are interested, tell them I sent you.

Navigation Revision

Mickey brought up an interesting point last night: internal links should really be kept together.

Makes sense, really, since generally the goal of a website is to encourage exploration of their OWN site, not to have their viewers immediately scamper off to other places.

I’ve rearranged the navigation on the right side of the screen so that recent entries and archives are above the links section. The change has already spread through the rest of the site.


Sitting in Hanover again, on the veranda of Collis Center. Four columns form a semicircular support for the roof above, a roof that is not necessary today… there is, in fact, not a single cloud in the sky. The air is still and warm, and there are conversations on either side of us (Mickey, Eli, and myself have just finished dinner).

To my right, two female college students are talking about their boyfriends, and fears about them. I am largely uninterested, but it bears note nonetheless.

To my left is a conversation among four students (three guys and a girl clutching a computer keyboard set up for Korean), talking about computers, their woes on the devaluation of their previous machines, the failures and tribulations of what they have now… and how they plan to upgrade soon.

I can’t blame them, I’m much the same way. I love my computers, don’t get me wrong. That said, I do very much want to get the new machine, and often go through the same justifications I’m hearing now. One of them is apparently going into the Air Force next year, and there I lose interest in the conversation.

I am thoroughly stuffed, burping gently, after eating an entire order of chicken lo mein and a kappa maki (cucumber roll). I still haven’t finished my drink from coffee, but that’s fine… it is a sipping drink if there ever was one. It’s super-caffinated, so much so that you can taste the caffeine in every sip. Take a large chai and add a shot of espresso and you have this drink. An interesting blend, but I don’t think I’ll get it again.

I’m getting dehydrated again, I can feel the early warnings in my chest and my mouth, feel the warmth at the back of my tongue. I guess I need to start carrying a water bottle again. Moving on.

As I walked out of Dirt and sat down on the bench outside, I noticed a book on the bookstand belonging to Left Bank Books out on the sidewalk. I immediately looked at Mickey, eyes pleading for the okay, and thankfully received the go-ahead: the National Gallery of Art’s collection of Alfred Stieglitz photographs, published in collaboration with Bulfinch Press. High quality reproductions, nice large book… lists at $75, picked it up for $40. Awww yeah….

Of course, what’s even cooler is that I actually SAW that exhibit down in Washington DC this past fall.