Head of Radios

So, I still don’t think I’ll get to post tomorrow, but hey, I’ve got some time right now, I’ll post a second today, and balance it that way. (I could also cheat and date my post for tomorrow, but I don’t like doing that.)

I seem to be talking about music lately, and I really see no reason to stop any time soon. I’ve already at least briefly touched upon King Crimson, one of my favorite bands; what better time than now to touch upon one of my other favorite groups, Radiohead?

I’ve reached the Radiohead portion of my music collection, and am slowly progressing through it: I’m already through Amnesiac (much to my chagrin, I don’t recall listening to it… it was while I was at residency, and probably had it on in the background while talking to someone), and have just reached the end of Hail to the Thief (they are in alphabetical order by album).
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Not November

There is this day-long limbo period between the residency and my flight home. November 1st, today, seems like a good limbo day. It is currently 58 degrees, with estimates taking us as high as 68 today, a temperature that really does not fit November. Novembers in New England are generally grey, bitterly cold affairs, with the ground sucking the heat from your every step, a blanket of insulating snow not yet on the ground.

It is hard to dislike this change, though. On this, my last day in the area for a full six months, it is beautiful, warm, and sunny, leaving a fond memory and an enticement to come back. Not that I really need that enticement: Vermont is like another, fond family member to me, neither sibling nor parent but at the same time both. While the Seattle area is treating me well, like a doting aunt, Vermont will always be Home to me. While I may live elsewhere (and I am not ready to return to Vermont to stay), there is more to a Home than where you live.
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