Site Development

This is a little overdue. First the things I’ve already done:
1) I’ve changed the link colors to make them stand out more. They continue to be fairly soft, mellow colors (intentionally), however.
2) I’ve reorganized my links list. It is now alphabetical by category (first is friend sites, then webcomics, then projects I’m affiliated with). I also moved the wedding gallery out of the external links section and into the internal links section.

The things I’ve slated for the next few days:
1) I’ve got about two dozen links that I would LIKE to add to my links list, but that would make it an unwieldy list at best. Instead, I’m planning on making an actual links page, with category headers and everything. If I get particularly ambitious, I may even add descriptions of each site.
2) I need to propagate the rest of the changes that I’ve made to the main page that haven’t yet made it into the rest of the site. Such as the wedding gallery link, and the color changes.

Check back in a few days to see if I actually did it.
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Sanity, Work, and Me.

I did a lot of virtual running today. Money issues have been pressing over the past few days, really made manifest by the current frustrations in collecting the funds for the upcoming semester of school. There were several emails batted back and forth trying to confirm little details and to get the process under way, a process further delayed by the fact that tuition apparently went up this semester, a notice of which I have not yet received, due to the additional time it takes from mail forwarding.

Then came the calls, contacting the bursar, confirming that yes, the tuition DID in fact rise. Then getting back to the Bank to let them know that yes, it did in fact go up (they refused to do any of the running around on this, even after receiving an official bill from the school and then being confused by the information therein). I am not happy with the bank, and I’m less happy with my aunt, who acts as trustee to the account (if you’re reading this, sorry, but it’s the truth: this sort of bullshit pisses me off).

I’ve been contemplating graduate work after getting my Bachelors. Really, the thing that has been holding me back the most is that I’m not sure if I want to have to deal with fighting for every penny out of a fund explicitly created for my education. I do not feel that the intentions of my grandmother when she created the trust are being upheld. Unfortunately, I am unsure what, if anything, I can do to correct that.
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