Well okay then. I’m at the moment writing this on my PDA, with my shmifty folding keyboard (I’ll show it to you at the residency if you like). I do this because it’s a heck of a lot easier to lug around two pocket sized items than to lug around one lap sized item.

I’ve been pondering a new redesign of my website. How does this relate to photography, in craft or philosophy, one might ask. Well, it’s like this: photography is a major aspect of my life. My website is a heuristic examination of my life. Thus, the two are related. It is the major viewing source for my work, whether writing or art of any type, and one which I try to establish as a good aesthetic, much in the fashion that I strive towards a photographic eye. Likewise, I work towards greater technical ability to realize what I envision in website design as well as photography. Aesthetics are similar in both, in my opinion. The website should accomodate the content, much in the same fashion that selecting the printing technique and paper affects the mood of a photograph.

For this reason, I’m planning on making a major revision to my website: it isn’t bad now, but lacks uniformity across browsers and platforms. This will not do. Ultimately, I’ve decided to convert my website to a Flash site. However, this entails learning Flash, and so might take some time to do, let alone do how I’d like to do it. We shall see.