Writing this on my PDA, with a keyboard. It’s a pretty nifty method of writing, and a hell of a lot easier than a laptop.

Interesting conversation with my father today over lunch. We were discussing the salient points of knowing the rules or not bothering, ie just ignore what the “standards” are, and just develop your own voice. I’m of the opinion that I should still learn the rules, so that I have the choice to follow or break them as I wish.

Just got done talking to my friend Mike. He’s going through a spiritual rebirth at the moment. Or at least, he is in the birthing pains of a spiritual rebirth. It was interesting to hear his thoughts, and how similar they are to my own. He also has those moments I’ve been talking about for ages. The times where life just sort of makes sense for a brief second, and it can’t be analyzed or even defined/described. I wish him luck, and hope he figures it out faster than I have (since I haven’t yet).

My head hurts at the moment, so I’ll leave it at this.