“Some Like it Hot”

WELL! I’m currently sitting somewhere in the greater Washington DC area, waiting for the musical rendition of “Some Like It Hot”, starring Tony Curtis to start. It’s an interesting facility, an outdoor stage (we’re in lawn seats).

Let me describe the space, for my own later nefarious uses at least:

The gates are between two small buildings with booths for souveniers and gifts. There is a small patio space that stretches out into an arc of three segments, each about 75 feet wide. On each side of the arc is a narrow wooden bridge that leads onto the primary building. At the internal corner of each segment is a set of shallow steps leading to the below stage. There is a gentle slope for lawn seating on the way down. As soon as the building begins, there is a low fence with gates leading into the primary seating (traditional clamshell). The ceiling is wooden slats, and has several curves sloping down towards the stage (for acoustics). On the second floor, there is a wide patio that wraps around a central pillar that is split into 3 rooms (two small, one large, filling half the space). Above that is a sloping standing seam roof split by four roof walls.