Weeklong Absence

Some general site updates:
1. The individual entry archives for the image gallery now has a “First” and “Last” (ie, most recent) link in the navigation menu, allowing you to go to the first image uploaded and browse forward if that suits you (requested by my wife).
2. I’ll be uploading my last five prepared images shortly. My next “project” will be redacting this winter’s trip to Hawaii, and getting some images up from that.
3. I’m taking a semi-vacation this coming week. I’ll be in Seattle looking at apartments, and I’m not sure what sort of connectivity I’ll have, so no new posts from me for a whole week! (Well, unless it turns out I have reams of wireless access everywhere I go, and free time to post.)

Hope both of my readers have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Weeklong Absence

  1. Maybe you have three readers…. ;)

    I hope you and Mickey have quick success in finding an apartment so you can enjoy the Seattle area and its surroundings.

    Dad 8-)>

  2. Bah, he doesn’t have three readers. Not unless you’re counting his two other personalities, in which case maybe. But I dunno, they are kinda boring, and unlikely to go web browsing. They just play games all day long, and say things like “Actually…blah blah blah…”. ;)

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