Today has been “one of those days,” starting bright and early at 3:30 in the morning. The smoke alarm went off, you see. But just once, just long enough to wake us up and startle the hell out of us. We got up and wandered the apartment, checking each smoke alarm, checking each room, even checked outside the door to see (and smell) if anything was amiss. Nothing. Just random alarms going off. (Batteries checked out fine, by the way.)

Woke up late, stumbled out and signed all sorts of papers that Mickey put in front of me, all concerning moving stuff, I am assured by her. I read my mail, read my fourms, and then tried to figure out whether or not I hallucinated an email that I thought I’d received the day before when I’d checked my mail at my parents’ house, but now apparently was nowhere to be found, nor even registering in the email logs as ever existing. I am, to say the least, disconcerted.

This all left me very scattered, as we drove north to mail and fax what we needed to mail and fax (on the bright side, we are now fully committed to the move and have lined up movers fully, contracts signed and all). We finally ate some food around 5 over at Ramunto’s, and then came over to Collis, where we have sat since, reading and chatting with Eli, Megan, and Megan’s friend Ernie (whom is in from Iowa).

I thought I would share this: as I was sitting here typing this, some Dartmouth students have been sitting at a nearby table, talking. Another student swung by and chatted with them briefly, which caused the converation to switch to “talking like a local”. “Hey ya’ll” to which was responded “Ewww, that was, like, so bad.”

People should listen to themsleves. The elitist pricks.

[Update: I just noticed that this is my 60th blog entry. Woohoo! I’ll probably point this out again when I hit 100.]

2 thoughts on “Frazzle

  1. yes… moving stuff… that’s what it was. They required that you sign in blood like that.

  2. Those damned Elitist Pricks. They should all be dragged out into the street, shot, then put in tin cans, and dumped into the ocean.

    Oh wait, we’re Elitist Pricks! Nevermind former comment……*runs off to hide in the closet*

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