Eating Cookies in Seattle


Okay, so I’m currently in Seattle, eating some tasty chewy cookies, in our friend Arik’s house. He’s got this really amazing place (the image above is from his rooftop deck, looking out over downtown and the sound. [Larger Image]), but we can’t really afford a place like this… As much as it would be nice.

Maybe later.

The past few days have been delightful fun, wandering around Seattle and mysteriously innately understanding the general lay of the land (useful, since I’ve been playing the role of navigator). I think it comes down to the fact that I wandered around the area kind of willy-nilly when I was last here two years ago, and a lot of it stuck with me.

We managed to find a place! We’re up in Bellevue, just across the bay from Seattle proper, with fairly direct access to some of the major arteries (520 and I-405 in particular), while still being a bit off the beaten path. It is a two bedroom townhouse of roughly 1220 square feet, which should do quite nicely for us. There is also a really nice mall about a mile up the street, which will be useful when picking up those random “we just moved in” type things. Also, a pretty nice movie theatre is there as well.

Speaking of movie theatres, we went to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) today, which was a great deal of fun. I’d heard the horror stories of when it was filming, but I’d say the movie managed to weather the various issues quite handily, to make a pretty snappy film. I was a little concerned that it would neglect some characters, or fail to develop the entire cast well enough, but I was pretty pleased. They did a good job of establishing everyone, and the scenes that seemed rushed or felt like they skipped a section of story were relatively few. I’d highly recommend it, and for now that’s the closest to a review you’ll get out of me.

Despite the fact that I actually have very decent connectivity thanks to Arik’s wireless network, I will continue to stand by my statement that posts this week will be sporadic at best. I’m treating this as a vacation and chance to learn more of the area, not sit in front of a computer (which I do far too much of).

I’ll probably post at least once more this week, but otherwise I’ll be back to posting regularly next week.

3 thoughts on “Eating Cookies in Seattle

  1. Sounds like fun dood. Enjoy it, and then come back and enjoy here. And you’d better post next week, cause I’m gonna drag your sorry ass to coffee as often as I can before you head out there for good. Gonna miss ya dood.

  2. Thanx for the kind words about my place (and the amazing pictures from the roof)…but I figured I should correct one thing…Bellevue is across Lake Washington from Seattle…not across the bay :-)

    In case you haven’t noticed…a new reader has emerged.

  3. Bah. You aren’t a new reader. You’re probably just another one of Nabil’s immaginary personalities. Until I see you in the flesh, I will believe this. *grin*

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