Apple Store Followup

The interview went really well (I DO know my shit, after all), up until we started talking availability. The position they were looking for is an immediate opening, and I won’t be able to start until May, when I get back from my residency. He did say that I should give him a call in May, though, if I’m still interested. We’ll see if I am; my concerns about time management with my schoolwork are still very real. (To reiterate; major time intensive semester coming up, do I really want to tack on 40ish hours a week of work to that.)

The benefits are pretty damn sweet, I must say. Everyone is given an iPod (they all got shuffles when it came out), extensive job training, various gifts throughout the year, and a major discount on a system per year (full system, machine, monitor, ipod, et cetera), plus a slightly smaller discount for 3 more systems for friends and family. That would certainly help solve the laptop concern (namely that it’s falling apart… I won’t be able to get it fixed until after I get back from residency, because I need it while there).

Anyway, just thought I’d share, for those keeping score.

One thought on “Apple Store Followup

  1. Hi I sure hope you will be able to get in, in May when you are done with school. I was thinking I would like to get me a laptop myself sometime. I have done some schooling with computers and passed, it was a long time ago. But I keep up to date with the computers and I am always trying different things and teach myself stuff. I am sure I will never be as smart as you and your brother and Mickey are with computers, but I am gettting older and do it just to try to keep up. Let me know if you get the job when it comes time. Good luck. love aunt suzy

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