Writing Insanity

Two days ago, my Nanomage draft was four pages long. This afternoon, it’s 12.5 pages long. I think that’s pretty damn good progress, and I’m really happy with how it is going. There is still room for growth and fleshing out, but I think the story is really solid. From the original draft that I wrote in October, I’ve retained the general world, and that’s it. The character names are different, the pacing is different, it just still involves nanotechnology of a similar sort.

It feels unimaginably good to “feel good” about a story again. Seriously, it’s been years since I’ve been happy with one of my fictions. The story thus far: he’s been experimented upon, and just escaped onto a train heading west from just north of Chicago. That’s probably where I’ll end chapter 1, and then I’ll go on from there. Seems like a good break in the action, a good initial arc. I suppose I could technically drag out the events of chapter 1 into two chapters, but I don’t really want to… I think it works better with a faster pacing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share, because right now I’m twitched on writing anything further for a little bit.