More Site Maintenance… Dangit

Yeah, that’s right, yet another little post annoucning alterations to the site instead of announcing (or being) new content.

I’ve removed Polymer City Chronicles from my links list, and replaced it with Ozy & Millie, a syndicatable (in other words, really really well drawn and written) webcomic suggested to me by my brother.

In other news, I installed Movable Type onto my brother’s site, Mellow Afternoon. He should have some content of some sort up soon.

My next post will be an actual update, or my name isn’t Finneas T. Squirrel… and it’s not.

2 thoughts on “More Site Maintenance… Dangit

  1. You punk! I so do NOT have, like, 1/3 S&M books on my wishlist! There’s only 3. Maybe 4. Ok, 5, tops. But still! The majority of those are there just ‘cuz I love Cecilia Tan, anyways. *grin*
    Just tryin’ to set the record straight… Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m a big ole freak or nothin’…. *wink*

  2. Tee hee!

    Hey, what you like is what you like. You’ll get no disparaging marks from me about that. ‘sides, I think it’s a pretty interesting subject myself.

    I just like giving you shit. :)

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