MAJOR Overhaul

I finally overhauled the visual gallery to work more how I want it to. This is the beginning of a bunch of refinements to the site that I intend to make.

I now have entries organized by day, so they’ll sit side by side if your resolution can handle it (anything over 1024×768 should do marvelously). I’ve tested the changes in Camino .7 for Mac and IE for Windows 6, both render the changes properly. I also modified how I’m doing the navigation section… it’s a small change visually, but a pretty significant change under the hood. This has not yet propagated to any other page, but it will over time. If you notice something rendering funkily, just leave me a comment, and I’ll fix it.

I’d like to thank Kadyellebee for offering some advice on how to get the photoblog to act how I wanted it to (BTW, has some great tutorials on this stuff).

I’ll post a real update sometime soon.. there is a lot to talk about.