The End of January

The months do seem to fly by lately, various projects churning up my time but not getting done. Life has been a little nutty lately. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend decided she wanted me to teach her how to play World of Warcraft (she’s never played games of this type before), which I’ve been delighted to do. She started out with a character on my account, but now she has her own account so we can actually play together. It’s definitely made a shift in the home-life — I’ve always been a casual player (play for a few days, then leave it alone for a week or two), and now we’re playing at least a little nearly every day. (For the record, no, I still don’t have a 70, err, 80… highest I have is a 50 Druid on Kil’Jaeden, and now a 30 Draenei Hunter on Bloodhoof, both named Nadreck.)

A little over a week ago, Dad had a heart attack. I didn’t write about it publicly because I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about people knowing while it was happening, but now that he’s back home, I’m a bit more comfortable mentioning it. It was his first, and we didn’t know there was a likelihood (we do now), so it had us all a little spooked. Due to the surgery, he can’t lift anything heavy (anything over 10lbs) or overly exert himself for a little bit — given that the house renovations are nearly complete and they’re going to have to start unpacking everything back into the house, I may end up flying out for a few weeks to help out (cross-country tickets are pretty cheap at the moment if you’re flexible on flight dates — I’m seeing as low as $200 round trip). He should be back up to speed by the time I’d actually get out there, but an extra hand never hurts, and it’d be good to see Mom and Dad and Freya (it was also Mom’s birthday two days ago. Happy birthday, Mom!)

There are things in the works that will hopefully be done and in place soon, and I’ll be able to get into a more regular update routine. In the meantime, watch the kitties.