Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas day, and I’m down in the Bay area (Palo Alto to be precise, at my cousin’s house). Jessica flew down with a friend, and convinced me to come down as well, and since Uri’d never been here before, he joined me on my drive down. We’ve done a few touristy things, but since our budget is fairly tight, mostly we’ve been just exploring the area. We spent a day in San Francisco, which was arguably the rainiest day we’ve had the entire time we’ve been here (alas!), but we still had fun and got to explore a bit (we’ve done both the Golden Gate and Bay bridges… also did the crooked road). We also took a day and drove down to Santa Cruz via Half Moon Bay and Route 1 — really gorgeous drive, and surprisingly light traffic.

I’ll write a more involved post later, but I did want to wish everyone some happy holidays, and that we’ll be back around the 29th!