Coffee Revolution

I spent the past few days hidden away in my apartment, so I opted to take the sunny day today and finally go out. Tired of the usual places, I looked up some new coffee shops on WifiMug, and came across one a scant 5 minute drive away. Took another 10 minutes to find a parking spot, but finally got in to Revolutions, which is a block or so off Greenlake. It’s got an odd vibe to it, and I’m not sure about it quite yet. The bagels are good (from Bagel Oasis, which I’ll need to check out sometime, having driven past it far too many times to count), and the chai is decent (and a good amount for the price). There are the requisite geeks sitting around on their laptops — myself included — and overall the space is just kind of low key. It’s a little dark, which gives it a subdued atmosphere for better or worse. The wifi seems to work reasonably well, though you need to grab a WEP key from the front counter to get on.

That said, they’ve got couches. And they’re open until 10 (9 on weekends). These two things instantly set them at a higher bar than most coffee shops out there. (Zoka is open later, but has far less comfy seating — a tradeoff.)