The Half Moon Hung Low Tonight

I spent the evening out with Mike and Mariah, driving around and chatting. They were both pretty tired, so it was a pretty mellow chat. Still, it was nice to see them, as it’s been a while since I really went and hung out. The holidays are an excuse, since nothing is open and/or it’s absolutely crazy in the commercial districts, but mostly I’ve just been hiding out at home. Sometimes it’s good to do that. And sometimes it just makes you insane.

After dropping my two cohorts off, I wandered into Hanover and hung out in my car, leeching bandwidth in front of the closed-for-the-holidays Hopkins Center to get some work done that really properly needed bandwidth to complete with any semblance of speed. I finally got around to catching some videoblogs I’d been meaning to catch, notably Sexerati’s Future of Sex video blog, put together by the lovely Melissa Gira (who, upon reading, sounds like an incredibly interesting and cool person that I’d love to sit and talk with). I first found Sexerati through Warren Ellis’s blog, and have been pleased with the posts on it thus far… for the sex nerds among you, I’d definitely suggest checking it out. (And if you’re curious but worried of being scandalized, don’t be: it’s geeking out about sex, not sex itself, ie there’s no porn or anything.)

Now I’m back home, because my battery was low and I didn’t want to dig out the inverter just to sit in my car and browse the internet, though I’ve been known to do similar before. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about finding a way to essentially live out of my car for a while, and just take off wandering. Realistically at this point there are very few places you can go where you can’t find a wireless network within a reasonable distance (if you know where to look), so I could even continue to work on things and stay in touch and just roam around for a while, do some writing and some photography. The main issue is that I can’t really afford to do that right now, because of already existing bills. Still, think positively and a way will open itself up. I know there are a lot of freelance photographers and writers who do exactly this, the question is how to get into that loop.

I’ve missed my goal of posting today, but only by maybe half an hour, so let’s all pretend this was posted on the 27th, shall we? I don’t feel like modding the timestamp for something as silly as that. (Really, the only time I modify timestamps is when I’m using it as a method to write posts in advance… which doesn’t happen often, but may in the future.) As I’m sure some of you might have guessed, I’m trying to do the whole “post every day” thing, but I don’t want to jinx it by calling it a goal or a resolution or anything. It’s not an exercise or a project, it just is what it is.

Wrapping things up, a few other things I wanted to point out: 1) my friend Dano has a new site up:, so go check it out when you have a chance; 2) a Battlestar Galactica pen’n’paper RPG game was just announced, done by the same folks who did the Serenity RPG, for those who might find that nifty; 3) in the tidal wave of social networking sites (I’m on linkedin, facebook, myspace, friendster, orkut, okcupid, gdconnect… *thinks*), I just added yet another, called Consumating, found through Sexerati, because it sounded like a neat idea (if higher maintenance than some of the others). I’m still not entirely sure what I’m going to do with it, since (barring a very small select few) I’m not really looking for a relationship (or casual flings) right now. (If you’re wondering if you’re that small select few, you’re probably not, since I’m pretty sure the ones I’m interested in already know I’m interested in them. I’m not one to beat around the bush, for better or worse.)

That offer of heading to wherever I’m invited for New Years still stands, though we’re fast approaching the cutoff date for heading to the west coast and still making it in time (it’s already kinda pushing it). Failing that, I may just go wandering and see where I end up. (And before you say “Hey, I thought you were broke,” I am broke, however if you’re willing to camp or sleep in your car, you can travel for remarkably little money. I find it’s also a productive time for me, in terms of resetting myself and having time to process ideas, feelings, stress, etc… the wander down to the Cape was remarkably cathartic on a really low level that I’m only starting to become aware of now.)