Of Web Design and Writing

Let me say for the record that web design and writing copy don’t mix. Maybe they do for other people, but for me, it’s totally a change of gears and a derailment. This is, of course, my way of saying that I spent this afternoon and evening working on the website for this “undisclosed project” of mine. I’m keeping the design as braindead simple as possible… small footprint, easy design. But the text in it is just filler cruft. Tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be up for sitting and writing some snappy copy for this thing.

All in all, a pretty mellow Christmas Eve. Had brunch at Shryl’s Diner, and then dinner at home… about the extent of activity I’ve really done today is taking a walk with the dog. I’m not feeling too badly about that… I must admit, mucking with html and css is a guilty pleasure of mine, and can happily sit and fardle with it for hours at a time. It’s when I have to start fiddling with javascript or php et al that I start having conniptions.

Happy Humbug to everyone!