For Sale

As I’ve already touched upon, I’m moving. I’d like to consolidate, and I’m planning to do so in several ways… the first of which is that I’m selling my two LaCie pro-grade CRT monitors and converting to an LCD screen with the proceeds. The link to the craigslist ad is here: Please note that I’m also selling off a spare graphics card I have.

It’s going to have to wait until my belongings from my storage unit in Seattle can make it out here, but I’m planning to sell my PC desktop as well. The reason I need to wait is that the cds that came with it (like, say, all the various software that came with it plus the Windows install disk, plus the Windows XP Pro upgrade disk I put on it a while back) are all still in that storage unit. Makes it kind of hard to, y’know, clean up the machine and get it ready for sale. That said, Froogle is still listing that model at $795, and that’s base… I then added an Audigy 2 Platinum sound card and a Radeon 9500 Pro graphics card, an a/b/g wireless NIC, and an extra half a gig of ram. Realistically, if I sold it for $700, it’d still be a steal. (For the record, if anyone reading wants to give me $700 plus shipping and paypal fees [if that’s how you’re paying] and doesn’t mind if I send the cds along later, I’ll send it out tomorrow. I even have the original box and packaging material, so it’d ship safely.) The reason I’m selling it? It takes up space I don’t have, I rarely use it, and what things I do use it for I can run off my laptop via Boot Camp.

I’ll post more of a “real” post sometime soon, but I wanted to get this out into the world sooner than later.