Phat Lewt

Ayyam-i-ha ends tonight; we celebrated last night with the ‘rents. We’re pretty chill about it all… a gift or two each, watch a movie, have some dinner. It’s good. So, in addition to the random nifty homemade stuff (my mother makes a killer zucchini relish), I got World of Warcraft from my brother (he picked up a copy too, we’re playing on Kael’Thas if anyone wants to join in), and a 60gb video iPod from my parents. This is a MORE than adequate replacement for my old 1st gen 5gb iPod that got stolen during the holidays. I’m quite happy with it, and look forward to playing with it once my packet is in later tonight.

And while we’re on the topic of gifts, my sweetheart girlfriend Erica got me an early birthday present… a Dr. Who scarf! (Anyone who watched Dr. Who during the Tom Baker years will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about…) I’m definitely looking forward to getting ahold of that (didn’t go down this weekend, as I was attending a memorial service for one of my former professors, so she told me about it via IM).

This is a bit of a nothing post, but I’m kind of alright with that.

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