UberCon VII

I’m at UberCon VII (yes, 7, they add up fast when you’re doing two a year), sitting in my hotel room using the wireless access. I’ve been running around all day and decided it was time for some down/quiet. (I may go down in a little bit again to see what’s going on… we’ll see.)

Barring some computer difficulties (out of 24ish rented computers, only 8 had received the correct image, which means the renting company has had to come out and correct things… BUT, that means the attendees can’t use fully two thirds of the LAN until it’s fixed), things have been pretty chill. Some friends were in a car accident on the way down from Canada, but appear to be by and large alright, and have made it down finally.

Erica gets here tomorrow morning, and I’m really looking forward to that. While it’s only been two weeks, it’s felt significantly longer since I last saw her, and I don’t know why. Regardless of that, it’ll be great to see her. I had a pleasant chat with her father, who didn’t seem all that put out that I’m seeing his daughter. I’m hoping the same will be said come Sunday, when Erica’s mother will be attending the convention as well.

I saw more Pepsi than I ever have in my life today… while I’m not officially doing anything for the convention anymore, I still tend to help out at the conventions (it’s just sort of what I do… I end up having more fun that way than trying to sit and play games), and spent a good portion of the late morning/early afternoon driving down to the Pepsi distribution center in Piscataway and back, to collect their donation to the convention (cases upon cases of pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew, and their new energy drink, MDX). There was easily 10 to 15 million dollars worth of pepsi product in that warehouse. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that just covers one region’s distribution… there are warehouses like that all over the country.

On a random non-con related note: my laptop should ship this week (the 15th is what the site is listing)! Wooooo!

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