Fortuna Est

I’m down in Rhode Island again, as I am most weekends of late… while we were getting some lunch up on Thayer St, I noticed that the Avon was playing Mirrormask tonight at midnight. We managed to inform a fair number of Erica’s friends, and we all hauled ourselves up to see it.

SO worth it. The entire audience (I’d say at least half RISD students) was enraptured by the film, which was a delight in every respect. If you can manage to catch a release of this in the theater, I HIGHLY recommend you do so (it has had a scattered and small release, so it can be a challenge to find).

Anyway, I’ll try and write more about the movie once it’s not nearly 3 AM. Just wanted to… well, gloat, really. I’m so happy I managed to actually catch this in the theaters, and will definitely be picking it up on DVD when I can.