Alas, Gondola

This summer brought with it the loss of our favorite chinese restaurant, Panda House. It seems that the trend is continuing with the loss of our favorite deli, Gondola Deli… between increases in staffing and supplies costs, they ended up closing their doors today. It’s a real shame: they had some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had (mmm, in-house made fresh rare roast beef piled high…), and it shoots down yet another non-chain business in the Upper Valley. My family has been going to Gondola for easily 20 years now (my dad swears longer, but that’s how far back I personally can remember), and it’s hard to imagine the area without it.

No more good chinese, and now no more good subs… where the heck are we supposed to eat now?

One thought on “Alas, Gondola

  1. Wow, what a drag! I had no idea Gondola closed.

    It’s MacDo and Pizza Hut from now on. Well, you’re moving to Montpelier anyway … I believe I heard about a good Indian place up there, though the name eludes me at the moment.

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