UberCon VI

Being that I’m on the east coast again, and the opportunity to attend just as an attendee, and talking it over with a friend who was also interested in going, I decided to go to UberCon. All in all, it’s been a good time. I’ve mostly just hung out and chatted with people, and by and large have been able to do what I wanted, helping where I want to help, but not being expected to do so. It’s a great way to go.

I’ve also been chatting with some of the vendors, and am going to look at some hand forged 13 folded katanas the sword vendor has with him. Very reasonably priced considering the quality, just a matter of finding one that I want. Kevin and I have come to an understanding about roles and money and everything else, which is good. I’m probably going to help out in an unofficial capacity in getting company contacts, as I’m very good at it, and have proven to have more luck doing so than just about anyone. This, however, will be at my own pace and discretion, so I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Anyway, time to head back down to the convention… just wanted to give a quick update as to what’s going on.

One thought on “UberCon VI

  1. Hey!

    Glad you are njoying UberCon, and you are getting some things sorted out.

    On that katana; if they are reasonably priced and you can find two, I would be interested. :)
    I can pay you back sometime.


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