Back and Forth

I’m currently in Seattle, and will be for the next few days; the court date for the divorce is Monday at 1:30pm. This is a pretty stressful time, and I’m trying to keep things low key. I’m sitting at Caffe Coccinella, drinking white velvets (it’s a white chocolate mocha latte), and in theory will be having dinner with Mickey this evening. I’m planning to head down to Portland tomorrow to hang out with Dano, and then seeing Mickey again on Sunday. Monday, we deal with the last few things we needed to deal with, and then have the court date (my car is also getting serviced, but we can drop it off anytime, and collect it after the divorce, since we’ll be down in that area anyway). Monday night is anyone’s guess, and then Tuesday I head back east.

God, I wish this was over…

2 thoughts on “Back and Forth

  1. Probably the most miserable trip you’ll ever have to make. Sorry about that. Go over to my house, tell my roommates the check’s in the mail, and that I said you could use my room if they don’t object. Could save you some cash anyhow.

    If there’s anything at all, email me– my cell’s fuckt.

    Chin up. You’re stronger than even you know, and when it seems like you can’t take any more of it, you’ll naturally find within yourself a limitless store of power to keep you above water.

    Stay real, brother.


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