Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone :)

Sorry for disappearing for a while like that. I have been doing a few things with my time, and I do mean “few”. They have primarily involved doing schoolwork, and coming up with a content management solution I’m actually happy with for Critical Games. Mambo just wasn’t doing it for me… it felt kind of like a Ferrari that was missing a steering wheel… looked awesome, but was a pain to actually drive.

I did a lot more digging than was probably necessary, and finally found NucleusCMS, which is really flexible in what I put in and don’t put in… documentation isn’t the best, and the forums are slow in response time, but after dealing with some of the other systems out there I managed to figure a lot of it out on my own. I migrated it into production tonight. (Whee!)

Non-geekstuff in the extended entry, I swear:

So, yeah, did web-geek stuff and school-geek stuff (been going to Borders and writing), and showed Uri a little bit of the area. Mickey was in a show for a solstice event last weekend, so we went to see that (at Seattle Center, IN the International Fountain), and in general we’ve been having a good time. We unfortunately didn’t feel up for heading to the Richard Cheese show on Sunday night, so I have continued to not manage to reconnect with my friend Randy since the summer, but I did manage to finally schedule a coffee with my friend Robert. It was definitely good to see him, and hopefully we won’t let it be 6 months between visits next time.

We picked up a ham for Christmas, and we pleasantly stuffed ourselves for most of today on ham and chex mix (made in the morning), along with candied yams and mashed potatoes. We did a bit of gift giving as well: Mickey gave me two DVDs (Grave of Fireflies and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), a nifty wok, a DVD/VCR combo player (it was more of a “to us” gift, since she’s the one who has any VHS tapes), and a TurboGrafx 16 with 4 games. I’m HIGHLY amused, and look forward to getting over to Radio Shack to find an adapter that will let me plug it into our far more modern TV (the one that came with it does coax ONLY, so we need a converter). It should be interesting trying to hunt down some more games for it… there’s eBay, of course, but I’m wondering where else might have some.

As for what Mickey got… she’s already said. She seems pretty happy with the gifts, and she’ll be getting more come end of February. Same goes for Uri: he just moved into the area, and said he didn’t want anything at least until he’s in the room he’s renting and knows what necessities he’s missing, so he’ll be getting his gifts for Ayyam-i-ha. I’ve also offered to cover his next set of strings for his 12-string guitar (for personal reference: coated lights).

Hope everyone else has been having some happy holidays as well!